Menumavin Corporate Account.
It’s incredibly easy to use.

Menumavin Corporate Benefits Team does all of the set up and onboarding.

Daily ordering for each person takes about 15 seconds.

The Basics


Each Person Orders On Their Own

1) Each member of your group is provided with a personal account within the group account. Their personal account is organized to their personal preferences. Favorite restaurants, favorite menu items, custom built menu items etc.
- The account works on any device….. Each person can move between devices during the ordering process.
- No software to download….. It’s intuitive, secure and easy to use.
- There are no logins or passwords to remember…. The system simply works when you need it to.

2) Each person orders from the restaurant of their choosing.
- Each person can order from any restaurant they like…. No need to agree on a specific place for the group.
- Individuals can order from as many places as they like in one cart…… get a salad from your favorite salad place and soup from your favorite restaurant.
- There are no minimum order requirements.
- During the day’s ordering session each person can alter completed orders as much as they like and even cancel orders that have been completed.


The Restaurants Cook To Order

1) This is the complex part. It’s why Menumavin is so much better than other platforms for corporate accounts. Serving large groups is complicated for a kitchen. Why do you think restaurants require reservations for large groups? But this is where we excel. Menumavin goes well beyond online ordering. We integrate with the culinary operations of each restaurant. Our tools and systems ensure you receive better food and better service.

2) Menumavin provides each restaurant with:
- A work flow process designed specifically to their operations. Including cooking times and delivery departure timing controls.
- A system of checks & balances to ensure quality, accuracy and punctuality.
- Individual labels (easy to read) for each item ordered. Making it easy on your office to see each persons name and order when they arrive.
- A support system to help with unexpected challenges.


The Restaurants Deliver

1) Food is better & safer when restaurants do their own deliveries. We can’t stress this enough. All Menumavin partner restaurants do their own delivery. In the age of COVID you want to know your driver has been trained and held accountable to the restaurant and health department sanitary standards. When restaurants do their own delivery to quality is also better.

2) Contactless delivery notifications. When the driver arrives our proprietary system automatically notifies each person in your group that has an order with that driver that their food is at the delivery point. Our system also keeps the restaurant managers informed as to where their drivers are and how they are performing against delivery times.

3) Consistent Improvement. The Menumavin system does not stop merely because the order has made it from point “A” to point “B”.
- Our Corporate Benefits customer service team is live and available before during and after the entire process. To both customer and restaurants.
- Our system provides performance feedback to restaurant in real time. So that they can make meaningful adjustments rapidly if need be.
- Our easily accessible and easy to manage restaurant dashboard and control panels put the restaurant’s personnel in complete control of their product and process.

Menumavin goes way beyond “online ordering”

Menumavin was originally built specifically to serve a large financial services company. We were tasked with combining the services of the firm’s in-house cafeteria / caterer along side the office group’s favorite local restaurants. At each location Menumavin coordinates the services of all the vendors in such a way as to make the entire task feel effortless. We achieved the original goals from day one and have only improved from there. Now we serve offices across the country with the same if not higher levels of service. Each day we are adding features and refining tried and true processes.

Subsidized and non subsidized accounts.

Menumavin serves both types of accounts with ease. There are an unlimited number of scenarios we can support.

Administrators and Executive Assistants

Menumavin provides your company admins with an easy to use Dashboard. Although most offices just use our incredible customer service team.
- Admins can control all aspects of company dashboard. Same controls our customer service team has.
- Admins can see each associates order progress in real time. As well as jump in or take over any associate’s orders.
- Admins can order on other people’s behalf
- Admins can track delivery arrivals
- Admins can place future catering orders as well as use a shared catering order portal - a calendar between other admins and the caterers themselves.
- Executive Assistants (EA’s) have access to and can order on behalf of designated people in their group. Including department orders.
- Executive Assistants also receive notifications on behalf of people they may have ordered for.
- Executive Assistants can also place on sight pick up orders at selected restaurants on behalf of the people in their group.

Catering (Future Orders)

Once offices begin using Menumavin for daily orders they tend to do far less catering orders. However just because it’s fewer orders doesn’t mean we treat the process with any less care.

Admins have access to a catering dashboard.
- They can place orders up to 2 months out.
- Track all orders on a shared, integrated dashboard/ calendar
- Label orders for conference rooms and departments.
- Modify catering orders after they are placed to accommodate guest changes.

Beyond Delivery

Menumavin ties together your office’s entire community. That means if your company allows it your team can venture beyond the building.
- Place pickup orders in advance to avoid lines and crowds at nearby restaurants, delis, specialty stores and more.
- Bring food trucks onto the campus and tie into your company set up.
- Simply show up at a participating restaurant and use Menumavin Corporate Account App to order at the restaurants. Skip the lines waiting to order and skip the lines waiting to pay. When you place an order through Menumavin your order bypasses the restaurant ordering system and goes direct to the cooks giving you priority. More time to enjoy your lunch and less time on line.