Let us help you make the dining portions of your day safe, tasty, easy and healthy.


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Using Menumavin Corporate Dining Services helps with social distancing, reduces handling and creates traceable paths. Menumavin also helps reduce waste, adds efficiency and increase happiness.

  1. Individually made meals from your favorite local restaurants, caterers and your in-building cafeteria all delivered to your office’s designated drop off point at the same time. Each meal individually packaged and labeled. No need to wait on lunch lines anywhere.

    • Buffets are a thing of the past. Which is good for all of us. Buffets are incredibly wasteful, fraught with cross contamination challenges and frankly produce low quality foods.

    • Lunch lines are a waste of time and resources. Each day has enough challenges why waste the few minutes you have to enjoy yourself wasting away on a line for 20 minutes only to cram down a meal in seconds. Ordering delivery or ordering ahead for pick up reduces congestion and saves valuable time. We’ll be glad to see lines become a thing of the past. Your body will be happy too.

  2. Contactless Delivery. Menumavin’s notification system lets each person who ordered know when their order has arrived at the designated delivery point. No cash handling and no contact needed. Menumavin has been doing contactless delivery for 6 years.

    • Our notification system is invaluable in saving you time. Increasing the quality of your food. reducing delivery errors and reducing congestion (social distancing) both at delivery and at pick up locations.

  3. Far Fewer Drivers on your property and in your space. Because Menumavin organizes each restaurant’s orders there are simply fewer drivers coming to your building or office. As delivery becomes more prominent reducing the amount of drivers entering your space is paramount. Only Menumavin’s software provides your team with incredible variety while reducing the impact of drivers by 90%.

    • Overall reducing the number of drivers and increasing the order count per delivery leads to far fewer cars on the road. Plus, those cars that remain are using Menumavin software to make more efficient trips/ routes. Dining with Menumavin is good for the whole community.

  4. Delivery Congestion Reduction. Menumavin software can control the number of people that order per time frame so that at no time are too many people trying to pick up their orders from the delivery point at the same time.

  5. Peace of Mind. Unlike all of our competitors Menumavin partner restaurants use their own drivers to deliver the meals. Restaurant employed drivers are far safer then random gig economy workers. Restaurant employees are trained in food handling, easily held accountable when needed, and far more dedicated to ensuring you have a great experience. Fact is when a restaurant delivers their own food it tastes better. It’s safer. And arrives at a lower cost.

    • Even before Covid-19 Menumavin is a proponent of the restaurant doing their own deliveries. It’s a more efficient, financially advantageous way of doing food delivery. Plus it offers FULL TIME employment for your community. Gig econonmy systems are a drain on societal safety nets, in-efficent and money losing operations. The restaurants lose money, the drivers make well below minimum wage with zero security and the parent companies of gig economy food delivery system lose billions of dollars per quarter. 3rd party delivery systems are a dangerous drain on your local community.

  6. Pantry Ordering. Does your office have kitchenette or similar type space? Use Menumavin Pantry ordering to bring your kitchenette to each person’s desk. Or at least carve out a quick pick up area in your space. Doing so reduces congestion. Keeps your team happy and further reduces outside drivers and other vendors from being summoned to your space.

    • Pantry ordering systems can also help your staff manage their product flow. Cutting down on long term costs and offering easy to use tools to analyze product mix within your organization. (The same tools restaurants use to make sure they are doing everything to maximize cash flow)