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    Customers Crave


    • Give them what they want... It’s simple...
    • Online Dining grows your business 20% to 50%
      virtually, overnight.


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    It All Starts With A Great Menu


    Bring your menus ALIVE online.



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    One Platform For All Of Your Communications


    • Multiple Menus
    • Unlimited Dishes
    • Social Media Integration
    • Instant Messaging
    • Customer to Kitchen Direct Ordering


    On Menumavin your business runs smoother
    and earns more profit.

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    All Your Online Needs
    For $3.00 a Day


    Menumavin is 60% less
    than leading competitors.


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    Sell More, Sell Often,
    Save Every Time


    • Your passion is great food.
    • Our passion is great service


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  • More Sales, More Often

  • Entice & Excite

  • One Platform

  • Priced Right

  • It’s About Your Food

Online Ordering with MenuMavin.com

Menumavin.com was designed by chefs, for chefs. We used our decades of hands on restaurant and catering experience to build industry leading tools that allow restaurants to be profitable and successful. Below are five reasons why MenuMavin.com is the best online ordering platform for restaurants:

Online ordering for carry out, delivery, catering and grouped corporate orders:

MenuMavin.com offers multiple ordering types that handle all of your customer interactions. With our menu customizations, you can build your services to be profitable and easy for the customer to use. For example: Delivery orders allow you to create multiple delivery zones each with their own lead times, minimums and delivery charges. With catering orders, each product can have its own lead time, minimum quantity and quantity increment. With grouped corporate orders, your restaurant can offer offices, schools, hospitals or any other place with groups of customers, an organized ordering solution where each person can order separately but the restaurant receives one organized group order.

60% savings over our competitors:

If you currently use an online ordering system from one of our competitors, you know that they can be very expensive. Restaurants frequently pay out 18% to 20% of their revenue for online orders. A MenuMavin.com customer will commonly see a yearly average of 5% to 6% on their revenue from online orders. Want the details? Check out the numbers on the last slide to the right. 

Granular control with live updates to menus:

MenuMavin.com was designed from the ground up to give restaurants complete control over their menus. We encourage restaurants to create specials, change menu items with seasons and control current availability with the click on the mouse. With our tools, restaurants should never have to contact a customer because they are out of something or lose a customer because of a stale menu.

Orders direct to your kitchen - payments direct to your bank:

We have several methods of sending orders to restaurants, but our favorite is to print the orders directly to labels using a standard thermal printer. And, with sticky labels, you can attach the labels to the line, the container and then to the bag. It's simple, fast, low cost and it just works.

For payments, we realize that waiting 90 days for a check can be devastating to a restaurant. With MenuMavin.com your transactions can be routed directly into your existing credit card processing. That means next or second day funding, and no waiting on a third party for a check.

Integrate with Social Networking and other media to drive orders to you:

Restaurants use several methods to communicate with their customers. We make it easy to link right into your menus with direct links and QR codes. Whether it's a door sticker, a flyer, a facebook post or a marketing email, we make it easy to jump right into your current menu and start ordering.

For more information, or to schedule a demonstration and Q&A session, please call us at (866) 717-2693 or email us at cb@menumavin.com.