Choosing the right software for your online and mobile ordering is the difference between success and pain.


Menumavin is more comprehensive than any other platform.

Menumavin brings all of your sales channels through one easy to use dashboard.

- Delivery & Carry out
- Corporate Accounts (Menumavin Corp)
- Zoned Delivery (Flavor Rush app)
- 2 types of catering orders
- In store kiosks and customer facing POS. QR code Menus with ordering built in.

Sell through:
Your Website
Your Social Media Accounts
Email and Text Campaigns
Flavor Rush (Market Place)
Menumavin Corporate Accounts (Market Place)

We know the hospitality business.

Menumavin was founded by a Restaurant Owner, Catering Chef, Events Manager and Software Developer.

Our largest office in the US is actually attached to a virtual food hall. (Ghost Kitchens). Every day we use real world events and orders to improve our features.
All of our staff have worked in restaurants, worked as delivery drivers and spent time one on one with the customers.

We were born from the hospitality industry and will continue to hire, train and think in terms of hospitality first.

The Dollars and Cents.

From an overall cost vs revenue perspective Menumavin is the best value package there is.

- Integrates direct with your kitchen
- Can be managed on the go from any phone.
- Services large group accounts and orders. Which are by far the most profitable online clients available.
- Smart Zones your restaurant’s neighborhood.
- Operates in “Real Time”

Alternative systems don’t do enough.
- The basic systems, even when free, don’t justify the cost of managing the menus. They lack to tools needed to make delivery profitable. And they lack the ability to integrate with your kitchen.
- POS online ordering systems are not designed properly to make delivery profitable.
- 3rd party delivery apps are way too expensive to even be worth considering. They destroy the quality of the food, hurt your brand and damage your reputation.

Menumavin is the only “right” software.

With Menumavin your restaurant will pay far less and do way more than you ever have with any of the other system.

Your Dining Room Is Huge….

Let’s reach all of it.

The virus has hit hard and shaken the entire industry to its core. It’s also opened a lot of eyes to the opportunities available

Your dining room will fill up again. People will return to restaurants, bars, parties, meetings, and other gatherings. Don’t sit there and wait for it though.

Right now is the time to master the simple art of Delivery & Pickup.
Those that “step up” now will be the ones that thrive in the next few months and years to come.
With a robust, profitable delivery and pickup business and a return of “dine in” customers your kitchen will be more profitable than ever before.