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Your Neighborhood’s Digital Market Place

Coming 2021


What is a Market Place?

A Market Place used to mean a cluster of stores on main street, a shopping district in a city, or perhaps a mall near your town.

A place where you would go to browse, shop, hang out with friends and neighbors & grab something to eat.

Flavor Rush is a Digital Market Place focused on connecting you to your local community. We are starting with Food, Beverage because that is a common interest of all neighborhoods. Get together with friends in person or over live chat. Order from Flavor Rush and know your neighborhood stores are benefiting. Social distancing doesn’t have to be anti social.


Why Did We Build It?

The short answer is…… It needed to be built.

Flavor Rush as the name suggests is centered around food… your neighborhood restaurants and cafes.

The national platforms. “third party delivery services” are destroying food. I know most comments are about the fees they charge and the damage it does to every restaurant big and small. It’s true those platforms charge unsustainable fees to vendors and consumers. But their damage goes beyond the costs. The food sucks too. They are destroying the identity, vibrancy and connectedness of your town.

Flavor Rush helps improve the food, lower the cost and build stronger communities.


How Do You Get In?

If you are a consumer it’s easy to join the Flavor Rush. Simply download the App. If your community does not have any vendors yet, use the app to tell us who we should talk to. Or email us cb@menumavin.com

If you are a restaurant, cafe, caterer, cheese shop, butcher, fish monger, wine store, specialty store, or home goods store reach out to us now. We have the tools you need to grow a strong local business, with incredible support, at a price that’s reasonable. Think along the lines of 70-90% less than third party delivery services. Flavor Rush is the best store front in town.

Contact us via email by clicking on the button below. We look forward to hearing from you.