Be More Productive

Meal perks improve your team, your company and community.

Menumavin is the office lunch program your associates deserve.

We combine and curate all of your local culinary resources, including local restaurants, in-building and in-house cafeterias, food trucks, caterers and local markets, into one simple to use online marketplace.


A Happy Team

Menumavin office accounts provides each person on your team direct access to your local restaurants for delivery and carry out.

Lunch is a cherished moment in a person’s day. Instead of settling for mediocre buffet, brown bagging cold food or waiting on line at ground floor deli give your employees access to the best your town has to offer.

With Menumavin your office has access to the entire town each day. No rotations or limiting the number of restaurants. Unless you want to.

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Saves Time

Menumavin saves lots of time. Average time spent ordering is about 15 seconds. Our no login/ no password system is easier and faster than any other platform.

Delivery orders arrive at the designated time. Our individual delivery arrival notifications let each person know their order has arrived. Making for a truly contact-less delivery.

Pickup orders are ready and labeled at the restaurant. No need to wait online to order or pay. Just click, pick up & enjoy.


Saves Money

Menumavin adds efficiency to the entire process.

No need to have a designated person in your office act as a lunch coordinator, or spend hours of time sorting through the receipts, and pooling orders.

Menumavin software handles all accounting, including subsidized and company sponsored accounts as well as tips for drivers and split checks for when a person orders from more than one restaurant.

Menumavin makes kitchens more efficient and we charge less than third party delivery services saving you and the kitchens money.

How it works


Each person orders

On their own terms

Each person in the group has a personal account within the group account. Super easy to use.
Each person is free to choose their own restaurant(s) on their own time line.
Each person can order from any device; phone, desktop, tablet etc.

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The restaurants cook

Menumavin coordinates all of your office’s orders with all the of the restaurants, in-house cafe, food trucks, and caterers.

We consolidate the orders into easily managed work flows for each cook making your meals. Menumavin is coordinating the efforts of possibly many dozens of cooks and drivers at dozens of kitchens so that your entire team’s orders are made correctly and arrive together at the designated time.


The restaurants deliver

Restaurants are the best people to do their own deliveries. Menumavin does not use 3rd party delivery drivers.

When restaurants deliver their own food the orders are safer, better quality, punctual, & accurate.
When restaurants do their own deliveries, costs are lower, customer service is better and employees are happier. Lastly your hard earned money stays in your community.

Let’s Get Your Team Started!

Menumavin serves teams of all sizes. Some as small as 5 people or as big as several thousand and spread out among multiple buildings and multiple cities.

Please tell us a little bit about your group. Once we hear from you we can have your office up and running in as little as 24 hours.

Either fill out the contact form to the right or reach to us at
646.202.9401 (M-F 8:30 to 5pm E.T.)

Please tell us anything you think pertinent about your company. Also please indicate the best day/time and method or reaching out to you.
An address can help us provide more information at our initial call/ email conversation