Menumavin software makes the school commissary better.


Menumavin software enables school commissaries to work more efficiently, by helping reduce labor, prevent wasted labor, prevent wasted ingredients and repurpose wasted time.


Students, faculty and staff have needs and wants when it comes to food. They have Nutritional needs, Allergy concerns, Timing issues. They also want variety, customization and choices. Menumavin’s unique approach is the safest way of feeding the entire school community. In the age of covid lunch lines and buffets are out. Menumavin solution is the best solution for your campus now and even after covid.


The lunch line and buffet are common denominators. They reduce all menu concepts and ideas down to the lowest acceptable standards in an attempt to make the largest number of people happy.
Using Menumavin systems increases food quality and variety while reducing operating costs.

School communities thrive using Menumavin Campus Systems

Your commissary controls all aspects of the software.

Imagine reaching all of the students, faculty and staff where ever they are and asking this question. “What do you want for lunch?” ………….. Imagine being able to handle all the different answers. Our software makes it easy.

With Menumavin as the framework to your culinary eco system we load your menus. provide on site set up, training, and ongoing technical support in person or remotely as needed. Once your team is up an running managing the system is as easy as working in “word”.

Why this is so important during COVID and perhaps beyond.

During COVID bringing all the campus together in one spot is problematic. Our systems make it easy for culinary operators to execute meals all over the campus.

Serve some students in their classrooms. Serve others in the Gym. Serve more in theatre and even serve some in the dining room. Let faculty and staff that want to eat at their desk easily order and pick up their meals then move to their own space.

Menumavin software has been in use in schools since 2014. We have students as young as 4 years old using the systems.

How it works

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Each person orders

Each member of the school community is given an account. Each day they use the account to place their order for lunch and other meals. There are no logins or passwords to remember. It’s incredibly easy to use. Kids as young as 4 years old have been using our systems since 2014.
The students, teachers, staff can place orders from a multitude of places, including kiosks around campus, email, computers, tablets, and through personal phones.


The kitchen prepares the meals

Our software is designed from the kitchen out to support extremely high output operations.
As each person places their orders, our software is aggregating like dishes, matching up timing, keeping track and available inventory and disseminating all the needed information in “real time” to multiple master dashboards and subordinate kitchens screens and printers for each cook and related support personnel.

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The meals are distributed around the campus.

Our software easy to handle the challenges associated with moving the finished meals to designated pick up points, and drop off locations.

There is no other system like it. Menumavin Campus Software is ready to support your campus community. Our software will help your community easily follow social distancing practices and keep Covid at bay.


There is no need to overthink this. Using Menumavin to transform your campus from pre-covid to the new norm with social distancing being top of mind is actually very easy. Depending on your school there may be zero equipment to buy and no up front costs. Menumavin’s monthly service fee is incredibly low. Its part of our way of giving to education. Large operations may decide to invest a little bit, but think in terms of a couple of thousand dollars. Not tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.. Menumavin is not just software. We know how to work with your staff. We understand the major challenges that come with feeding thousands of meals per day. From our first phone call to having your school ready to go can be done in a week.